Via Vento Italian Tutor Service
  • This one of the french gites with pools Dordogne where I'm staying
    This one of the french gites with pools Dordogne where I'm staying

About Us

I am Eliabetta Cataldi, a trained, expert tutor in teaching Italian to English people. I teach this both for business use and for personal travel and pleasure.

Your tutor

I am half English, half Italian. My father was from the Calabrian hills – a totally beautiful area, if you ever get the chance to visit!

With an English mother, I am grounded in the English ways and idiom, so I will be able to give you both the colloquial, locally-used dialect, as well as the official, more professional words.

If you need certain training or qualifications, please contact me and we can talk through what you need and how I can help to tutor you through what you need.

Please note that due to hassles with chasing payments and students finding the new system easier, we are now using the payment system from tutortube which is an automated payment engine, to automate lesson payments as scheduled by calendar and paid instantly and automatically.

This is the only way I am taking payments now because it is so much easier for me and for you.  Invoices are instant and automatically generated and sent out so once you and I have set up our payment agreement, neither you or I need to do anything manually after then.  Much easier.

If you want to learn Italian from your own private tutor simply contact me discuss your needs.

To find out more simply contact me here.