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Tutoring From This Holiday Rental in France

Last year I decided to take a break from Italy itself, just for a change of scenery. So I moved to France for a while.

It was quite a wrench outside my normal comfort zone but I am so happy that I did.

Before I left, I made sure I had a few clients in France who I could help while I was there. I used a few websites to find the students. Interestingly, it was a mix of people living in France and people on holiday there, wanting to learn Italian *and* French at the same time. Glutton for punishment or what!

I stayed for a few weeks with my family at this wonderful holiday rental gite in Dordogne with swimming pool and then stayed in Paris where I also had a few clients lined up.

(FYI – Free French lesson – a ‘gite’, pronounced jeet with a soft J, like zh, means a holiday home rental or a cottage, originally from a villager)

The holiday rental gite was A-Maz-ing!

I was there with my extended family so there was lots of fun madness that comes with an Italian extended family in sunny bucolic summers; running into the swimming pool, chasing around the lawns, maybe a glass of red wine on the terrace patio on the sun loungers.

In amongst all this delightfullness, I had clients come to the house, take a lesson with me and also enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Some lessons we took outside down by the lake.

Some lessons were amongst the trees while we all swung in the hammocks between the trees!

After this, I went to Paris on my own for a week, which was OK. Not as joyous and amazing as the gite in Dordogne, but still nice. Predictable. I and a few clients there too, in between the visits to the Louvre and Champs Elysee etc.

All in all, a very welcome change from the normal.

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